Todd Hido: House Hunting
Presented in the Pier 24 Photography exhibition HERE.
May 23 - January 31, 2012

Todd Hido's photographs of exterior scenes reflect the artist's interest in the themes of home, family, and memory. His photographs, taken at night, depict anonymous suburban dwellings with their windows glowing in the soft darkness. Throughout these color images there is an unsettling feeling of isolation and unease. Hido captures a haunting suburbia through the absence of people and the careful modulation of light and color, alluding to imagined domestic narratives taking place inside.

Doug Rickard: A New American Picture
Presented in the exhibition HERE.
Pier 24 Photography / May 23rd - December 16th, 2011

Utilizing the comprehensive image archive Google Street View for his series A New American Picture, photographer Doug Rickard virtually drives the unseen and overlooked roads of America, to find bleak places that are forgotten, economically devastated, and abandoned. Collectively, these images present a startling photographic portrait of the socially disenfranchised, providing deeply affecting evidence of the American Dream inverted. Selections from A New American Picture were included in Pier 24 Photography's exhibition, HERE.

John Chiara: Oakland Bay Bridge and Golden Gate Bridge
Commissioned for the exhibition HERE.
Pier 24 Photography / May 23rd - December 16th, 2011

John Chiara photographs landscapes in a process that is part photography, part event, and part sculpture – an undertaking in apparatus and patience. Many times this process involves composing pictures from the inside of a large hand-built camera, that is mounted on a flatbed trailer, and produces large scale, one of a kind, positive exposures. Two works investigating the gateways of San Francisco, the Oakland Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge, were commissioned for Pier 24 Photography's exhibition, HERE.