Secondhand featured as "Best of 2015"

January 6, 2016


We are excited to see that our exhibition Secondhand was featured in Squarecylinder’s “Best of 2015”!!

“In 2010, Google calculated that every two days we create as much information as humanity did from the dawn of civilization through 2003.  Secondhand, one the most ambitious photo shows ever mounted, attempted to make sense of that dilemma as it pertains to the accumulated residue of the 150 years of photography and, more recently, glut of images being uploaded to social media each day.  No exhibition could possibly make sense of it, and this one didn’t.  But it definitely outlined the dimensions of the challenge, bringing together reportage, vernacular images, found photos, scientific documentation and highly eccentric examples of fine art photography by the likes of Maurizio Anzeri, Daniel Gordon, Matt Lipps and others.  A head-spinning, exhausting exhibition that will not soon be equaled, due to the sheer amount of imagery surveyed and the vast amount of space required to display it all.”  – David Roth, Squarecylinder

You can view the “Best of 2015” in its entirety HERE.