Marco Breuer

Artist lecture Thursday, April 21, 2016 7PM
Timken Lecture Hall, California College of the Arts, 1111 Eighth St., San Francisco, CA 94107
Untitled (C-1310), 2013

Throughout his career, Marco Breuer has consistently challenged conventional idea of photographic image making. He employs photographic techniques without relying on the use of a camera, aperture, or film, utilizing a combination of photogrammic, abrasive, and incisive ways of mark making to create images. Breuer’s photographic explorations include works with chromogenic paper, gelatin silver photograms, cyanotypes, gum bichromate prints, silkscreens, and traditional drawing paper. His abstractions result from a systemic investigation into photographic process. Physical interventions of the material—including folding, sanding, chewing, and heat—create latent images, unexpected colors, and grid-like marks on the surface emulsion. He also leverages unorthodox materials in his work, ranging from using ordinary household objects to firing a shotgun into a box of photographic paper. Breuer’s interrogation of process results in images that evoke a hybridity of photography and drawing. Breuer challenges the foundational notions of what constitutes a photograph, pushing against preconceived limits of the medium to discover new applications of photographic language.

Breuer was born in Landshut, Germany in 1966 and emigrated to New York in 1993. His work has widely exhibited throughout the United States and Europe, with recent solo exhibitions at the de Young Museum and Minneapolis Institute of Arts. He currently lives and works in upstate New York. Breuer is the inaugural recipient of the Larry Sultan Photography Award.

Larry Sultan Visiting Artist Program

Pier 24 Photography is pleased to present the Larry Sultan Visiting Artist Program in collaboration with California College of the Arts and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. Each year, the Larry Sultan Visiting Artist Program brings six photographers, writers, and curators to San Francisco to offer free and open lectures, and to work one-on-one with students at California College of the Arts.

Larry Sultan Photography Award

Marco Breuer, Untitled (C-1189), 2012 [Detail]

Marco Breuer

Spring 2016 Residency
Headlands Center for the Arts, Sausalito, CA

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Marco Breuer (b. Landshut, Germany) is well known for his radical approach to the photographic medium. Breuer employs nontraditional photographic techniques that do not rely on the use of a camera, aperture, or film, but instead utilize a combination of photogrammic, abrasive, and incisive techniques to make marks and capture images. His work is in numerous public collections at major institutions around the world and is widely exhibited throughout the United States and Europe. Currently residing in upstate New York, Breuer has lectured and taught extensively, and received a Guggenheim fellowship in 2006.