A Sense of Place

Exhibition Guide

Published on the occasion of the exhibition
July 1, 2013 – May 1, 2014

102 pages | 100 images | 66 artwork reproductions | 8.5 x 11 in. | Paperback | 978-0-9839917-3-1
Pier 24 Photography, 2013

This guide offers readers a detailed look at Pier 24 Photography’s fifth exhibition, A Sense of Place . The publication documents the installation of each room, and includes titles and dates for the works on view, quotes by many of the exhibited artists, and a brief introduction to the exhibition.

For its fifth exhibition, Pier 24 Photography presents A Sense of Place, an exploration of how photographs shape the perception of our environments. Together, the exhibited works shift in scale from room size installations to small, quiet photographs, transporting the viewer through a variety of locations, memories, and emotive experiences.

Taken as a whole, the pictures assembled in A Sense of Place demonstrate what photography does best, drawing our attention to the everyday—and what we might otherwise bypass—and inspiring us to take another, closer look at our surroundings. With over 50 photographers and 400 works represented in A Sense of Place, the exhibition takes a close look at photographers such as Robert Adams, Doug Aitken, Uta Barth, Erik William Carroll, John Chiara, Moyra Davey, Thomas Demand, Lee Friedlander, Paul Graham, Andreas Gursky, Todd Hido, Rinko Kawauchi, Erik Kessels, Asako Narahashi, Stephen Shore, Jeff Wall, plus many more.