Exhibition Catalogue

Published on the occasion of the exhibition
May 2, 2016–January 31, 2017
Text by Mark Alice Durant

264 pages | 177 artwork reproductions | 9.75 x 12.375 in. | Hardcover with jacket | 978-0-9972432-0-8

Edition of 1,000
Pier 24 Photography, 2016

This exhibition catalog expands upon our gallery guide with an original essay by Mark Alice Durant.

Collected—the eighth exhibition at Pier 24 Photography—brings together photographs from the Pilara Foundation and other Bay Area collections. Nine collectors were invited to select works from their holdings that reflect their interests in the medium. The exhibition thus offers a lens on various collecting approaches, with some collectors focusing on the work of particular artists or on specific art historical movements or themes, and others developing their own criteria, whether deliberately or unconsciously. Spanning the last hundred years of the medium, the selections on view here reflect each collector’s strong understanding of photography while also highlighting the singular sensibilities guiding the deeply personal act of collecting. Yet for all their variety, the assembled photographs also reveal the shared traits that unite all passionate collectors: curiosity and discipline paired with rigorous study and close looking.