Exhibition Catalogue

Published on the occasion of the exhibition
August 1, 2014–May 31, 2015

Texts by Vince Aletti, Claire Barliant
Conversation with Erik Kessels and Allie Haeusslein

184 pages | 197 images | 9.5 x 12 in. | Hardcover with acetate dust jacket | 978-0-9839917-6-2

Edition of 1000
Pier 24 Photography, 2016

This exhibition catalog expands on our gallery guide with original essays by Vince Aletti and Claire Barliant. In addition to these essays, the catalog features an extended conversation between Erik Kessels and Allie Haeusslein, Associate Director of Pier 24 Photography.

Pier 24 Photography presents Secondhand, an exhibition featuring artists who build repositories of found images, from which they appropriate, construct, edit, and sequence in order to create something entirely new. Through this process, their distinctly personal approaches become as wide-ranging as their source material. These works are paired alongside selected vernacular photographs from the Pilara Foundation Collection, illustrating another instance in which found pictures can offer new meaning through a simple change of context.

The digital age has ushered in a culture of curating. Blogs, along with websites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Flickr, enable users to not only produce and disseminate unique content, but also to communicate through the editing, sequencing, and selection of existing material. These online platforms have become a way of digesting and understanding the overabundance of visual information circulating daily. As a result, the definition of the term curator has expanded beyond the realm of highly educated art historians to include anyone engaged with organizing content. It is no surprise that this curatorial impulse appears in the practices of many contemporary artists, where the distinction between curator and creator has become less defined.

This publication is available for purchase online and at Pier 24 Photography.